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Your Aviation Online Training Instructor is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor who is experienced in both the classroom and the cockpit.

Joseph Pelton - Owner

  • FAA Certified Flight Instructor
  • FAA Certified Ground Instructor
  • FAA Certified Airline Transport Pilot
  • FAA Certified Airframe Mechanic
  • 2000 Flight Hours
  • 1400 Hours Dual Given

I can provide instruction in your personally owned aircraft. or daily contract commercial pilot services. E-mail AOT with your request

I have 11 years experience working in the training department at Gulfstream Aerospace. I helped begin and standardize Web Based Training and the development process at Gulfstream Aerospace for their "Gulfstream University" Computer Based Training, "CBT" courses. I have been the subject matter expert for internal and external courseware developers and graphic artists for CBT courses.

I have been teaching Gulfstream G450 Maintenance Initial Training at FlightSafety in Savannah, Georgia for the past 5 years.